Abseil Systems

Abseil Systems 

Not all areas at height can be accessed from the confines of a guardrail or balcony. Abseiling, also known as suspended or rope access, allows suitably trained access technicians to get to areas that would be otherwise difficult to access. Abseiling can provide safe and efficient access for building inspections, maintenance and cleaning. 

We can provide an end-to-end service for abseil rails and anchors, from design and installation, through to inspection and certification. We offer a comprehensive range of abseil systems, from independent anchors and abseil rails to completely bespoke turnkey façade access strategies.

Abseil Rails

Used to access the façade of a structure, abseil rails provide workers with easy horizontal travel to the desired work area.

Bespoke and proprietary abseil rails are usually designed into a project at an early stage, giving the benefit of façade access without the unsightliness sometimes encountered with building maintenance units (BMU’s) and are usually a very cost-effective solution.

We also offer proprietary rails that can be retrospectively fitted to existing buildings and structures. Our proven record for identifying and delivering bespoke solutions is what keeps our customers coming back to us. 

Workers required to use abseil rails should undertake training. Click here to find out more about our basic abseil climber training.  

Abseil Anchor Points

Abseil anchors, also known as abseil points, posts or eyebolts, are fixed to a structure or building to provide suitable rope access connection points.
Abseil anchor points can be designed for a new build project or retrofitted to most existing structures. Providing the building design and structure has the integral strength to cope with abseiling loads, it can be an extremely cost-effective way of providing external building access. 

It is important that operatives using abseil anchor points are competent and trained in rope access and rescue to IRATA requirements, to ensure they know to attach to more than one anchor. Click here to find out more about our IRATA rope access training.  

Davit Arms

Davits can also offer a fixed or portable solution to access the façade of a building or structure.  In some cases, they can offer an advantage over anchor points as they can be used to reach over parapets, balustrades and guardrails minimising the need for ropes to be in contact with delicate or lightweight parapet capping’s. For more information about davit arms, click here
For davit arm training, click here

All these abseil services demonstrate our ability to provide fit-for-purpose solutions. Our approach as a truly independent broker means you will always receive unbiased advice tailored for your needs. Everything we do is designed to fulfil our aim of working together to keep your business safer.

Installation, Testing and Certification
Abseil systems should be installed by a competent company. Because they are used to lift, lower and support personnel they come under the LOLER regulations and should be inspected in accordance with the recommendations of these regulations. They should be visually checked before and after each use and be inspected every six months to maintain safety standards. As experts in fall protection solutions, we offer a full design service, installation of the product and can provide ongoing annual inspection and certification. 
Click here to find out more about our testing and certification offer.

For more information about abseil systems please contact our experts on 0330 390 0822 or email info@arcoservices.co.uk.

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