Confined Space Rescue Systems

Confined spaces can be below or above ground and are found on most sites.  A restrictive confined space can pose serious health and safety risks to anyone who enters.

Confined spaces can include tunnels, trenches, manholes, pipelines and many more.

Confined spaces often have limited openings for entry and exit which can complicate rescue / retrieval and associated emergency responses.

Rescue and retrieval of a fallen or incapacitated worker is a required component of any works programme requiring entry into such areas.

Our davit arm and hoist systems are designed for such confined space entry / retrieval applications and are fully tested and compliant with all relevant standards. The units are constructed of lightweight materials including high-strength aluminium, their quick-release pin assembly allows for easy collapsibility and transport.

The Davit pivots for ease of rescue and has a limited adjustment for overhead clearance restrictions; options include lower mast extension pieces to match variable height requirements.

Portable and fixed bases are available, freestanding portable bases are ideal for work areas where frequent set up and tear down is required or where no suitable structure is available for the mounting of a fixed base.

Fixed bases mount to existing structures and can be offered in ground or wall fixed variations, available in zinc plated mild steel or stainless steel.

Our Rescue Systems have been successfully installed on site for many of our major clients in the Energy & Utilities Sectors.

For more information on Confined Space Rescue Systems, contact our Fall Protection department on 0330 390 0822 OR