Arco Professional Safety Services are an authorised installer of MSA Latchways systems. 

Latchways have designed and developed some of the most unique and innovative safety systems and products used to date including ManSafe, Constant Force, LadderLatch, Transfastener, ClimbLatch and PushLock.

Latchways are used in every conceivable facet of industry and can be integrated with all the many proprietary roofing systems and roof build ups. Latchways ManSafe solutions are trusted to ensure worker safety on an extraordinarily wide range of buildings, towers, bridges and structures.

Depending on your requirement, you can specify a Latchways ManSafe system to work horizontally, vertically, along inclines and overhead.  It can be a permanent installation to meet a regular need, a temporary unit for one-off activities or even an eyebolt system for working from inside out.

The key to such versatility lies in Latchways’ unique understanding of load control.  With Latchways’ innovative Constant Force technology you can fit a Latchways ManSafe system and be sure of meeting the very toughest requirements for protecting worker safety at height. 

Below is more information on the ManSafe systems: 

ManSafe Horizontal System 

Latchways ManSafe fall protection systems provide a total solution for all horizontal safety at height industrial applications. The ManSafe fall protection system’s versatility and ease of use makes it ideal for protecting workers as they go about day-to-day activities such as working at height maintenance, cleaning, access and inspection.

Systems can be designed for up to five simultaneous users.
Fixes to virtually all types of structure and roofing system.
Follows the contours of the building by going around bends and up and down inclines.
Can be extended to include vertical sections.
The unique Latchways Transfastener allows workers to travel the full length of the system without having to detach and re-attach.
Normally incorporates the unique Latchways Constant Force Post for assured fall arrest protection and simplified installation. Where this is not applicable, in-line shock absorbers or a Constant Force energy absorber can be incorporated for equal safety assurance.
Meets all appropriate international standards.

ManSafe Overhead System

Latchways ManSafe overhead fall arrest systems combine Latchways unique knowledge of fall arrest load control with innovative Constant Force technology in a solution that is flexible to use, strong, durable and easy to install. Workers attached to the ManSafe system have maximum accessibility and hands-free mobility to safely go about their duties. Latchways ManSafe overhead systems are ideal for industrial environments and in applications such as warehouses and loading bays.

With a ManSafe overhead system the Constant Force technology is housed in an in-line energy absorber.  In the event of a fall by a worker connected to the system, the Latchways Transfastener instantly locks on the cable to arrest the fall while the Constant Force energy absorber controls the load on the system.

Load is limited to a maximum of 18 kN in the event of a fall.
The load remains limited to a maximum of 18 kN whether one, two or three workers fall.
The Constant Force energy absorber will only deploy when a load of 18 kN is experienced.
The Constant Force energy absorber has a safety factor of 2: working deployment of 18 kN, design deployment of 36 kN.
ManSafe system cable is manufactured from 1 x 19 stainless steel. It does not stretch and has a breaking strain of over 45 kN.
The system cable can be tensioned to 5 kN to eliminate sag and any whiplash effect if a worker falls.
The use of Constant Force technology allows for single spans of up to 60m. Thereby reducing the number of costly ‘T’ bars and anchoring points within the system.
Constant Force systems are quicker, easier and less costly to install than ‘I’ beam systems.
ManSafe systems can easily accommodate changes of direction.
System tested to BS EN 795.
The overhead device has been certified by SATRA and conforms to BS EN 362:1992.

User Instructions

Only attach to the system by means of a retractable fall arrest lanyard and full body harness conforming to the appropriate safety standards.
Always check pre-tension before use.
No more than the maximum number of personnel as defined in the system user instructions should attach to the system.
Further details are available in the user instructions.

Installation, Testing and Certification

Installation of ManSafe horizontal and overhead systems should only be carried out by a Latchways trained and certified installer company. System testing must be conducted annually by suitably qualified installers to ensure that system certification is maintained.  Key system checks such as deployment of shock absorbers, swage tests and torque checks are part of this process. 

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