How to Implement an Effective RPE Programme

  • How To Implement An Effective RPE Programme

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Every year in the UK, 12,000 people are estimated to be dying from Occupational Lung Disease as a direct result of past exposures at work. It is also estimated a further 20000 people are self-reporting breathing or lung problems associated with work each year. Information from the HSE.

Respiratory Protection Equipment is widely selected as a protection measure after the hierarchy of controls have been followed and the hazard remaining. Unfortunately, up to 50% of respirators fail to offer the assumed protection level due to one of the following reasons.

It is therefore essential that an effective Respiratory Management Programme is implemented to help protect people at work.

There are 3 key elements to implementing an effective Respiratory Management Programme, these are:

  • Correct product selection and training in the use of Respiratory Protection Equipment (RPE)
  • Face Fit Testing by competent Fit2Fit approved specialists
  • Ongoing equipment maintenance of RPE and record keeping

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