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Confined Space Entry Controller

Confined Space Entry Controller

Course Aim

This course is about controlling the entry and exit of others into confined spaces and also the arrangements that need to be in place to keep them safe while they are there. It includes controlling the pre-entry procedures and entry into and out of confined spaces, maintaining communications with team members who are in confined spaces, monitoring equipment readings, raising the alarm and handing over to rescue teams during emergency situations.

Course Content

• Implement procedures for teams working in confined spaces
• Control safe entry and exit to the confined space
• Monitor the work team to ensure procedures are followed
• Control emergency situations
• Understand health and safety and environmental legislation
• Understand standard protocols for work in confined spaces
• Understand entry controller duties and responsibilities
• Understand equipment checks and testing required
• Legislative requirements for confined space working
• Duties under the regulations
• Risk assessment and hazard identification including controls
• Atmospheric hazards, gases and moniotoring
• Safe systems of work including permits to work and point of work assessments
• Roles and responsibilities
• Communication
• Inspection and application of a range of confined space specific equipment
• Inspection and use of repiratory protective equipment
• Emergency arrangements
• Practical exercises and assessment

This course does not require entry into confined spaces

  • Classroom & Practical Training
  • Bracknell
    Eccleshall (Staffordshire)
    Linlithgow (Edinburgh)
  • 3 days
  • 8:1
  • 3 years certification
  • Training Centre:
    £599 per person
    £3550 per course
    Client's Site:
    £4100 per course
    Mobile Unit:
    £4664 per course
    City & Guilds Reg Fee:
    £60 per person
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