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IPAF Access Platform (PAV) Operator

Course Aim

To provide delegate/s with the correct skills, knowledge and understanding to be able to safely and effectively use a Push Around Vertical work platform (PAV).

Course Contents

  • Understand the safety, benefit and legal reasons for completing training
  • Identify the governing laws and legislations that are associated with training and safe operation of equipment
  • How to complete personal risk assessments
  • Be aware of the need to refer to the manufacturer’s manual for guidance
  • Select and identify the correct Personal Protective Equipment for the job/task
  • Be aware of and be able to complete pre use checks of the equipment and complete defect reporting
  • Identify the correct manufacturer’s manual for the equipment and make reference to it
  • Be capable of setting up including stabilisers and jacks
  • Mount and dismount the equipment using the correct method
  • Operate the Push Around Vertical work platform safely in accordance with best practice
  • Demonstrate the correct shut down and parking procedure for the equipment
  • Be able to identify the ground conditions to access if the area is safe to operate
  • Be able to operate the machine within its operating envelope
  • Be aware of how to use a safety harness and lanyard

Additional Information

This course is ran in conjunction with an approved third party supplier.

Facilities required on site for the training:

  • LOLER – appropriate machine in sound mechanical condition with in date LOLER certificate of thorough examination. Our instructor will need to see clear evidence of an inspection certificate (or copy) for the equipment prior to the course. If this cannot be presented to the instructor prior to the practical training, the course will not be permitted to continue
  • The practical area provided for all MEWPS must be 5 x the length of the chassis squared and high enough to attain at least three quarters of the machine’s capable height (for example, if there is a HR12 3B that reaches 12.2m, 75% of this is 9.15m). Must be cordoned off from pedestrian/vehicular traffic. Area must be free of debris and overhead hazards such as craneage. Must be available for the whole afternoon without interruption
  • Equipment – ensure the MEWP has been checked by a competent person to make sure its physically sound and operates correctly. It must be charged and fueled with keys available
  • Instruction manual – a copy of the platform’s current instruction manual must be made available to the instructor on the day of training. This must be in English. Practical training cannot be completed without this
  • Delegates attending must bring their own PPE including hi-vis clothing, safety footwear and hard hat (chin strap preferable). in accordance with your company policy
  • Classroom & Practical Training
  • Client Site
  • 1/2 day
  • 8:1
  • 5 years certification
  • £535 per course plus £37 per person registration fee
    Additional costs apply for courses in London
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