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No Shock Rope Rescue System

The No Shock Rescue System is a versatile emergency rope rescue kit using proven off-the-shelf products and assembled to meet the needs of a variety of different scenarios where there is a risk of being suspended in a harness.

It comprises of compatible PPE components individually CE marked to the European Directive 89/686/EEC.

The uniqueness of the No Shock is the ability to adapt it to a variety of work at height scenarios from tower/mast climbing, monopoles, rooftop workers, rope access, crane engineers, scaffolders and many more which most other kits simply do not allow for.

No Shock SystemBenefits

  • Versatile & quick
  • User friendly, colour coded
  • Cost effective – covers wide range of rescue options for a very competitive price
  • Sealed – hermetically sealed means no periodic inspection costs
  • No mistakes or shock loading from cutting

How it Works
The descender is connected to a haul system which provides a mechanical advantage of 6:1 or 7:1
depending on the orientation, allowing for very quick ‘pick-off’ rescues should a casualty be
suspended at height. Once the rescue equipment is connected to appropriate anchorage and the
casualty, the haul system is used – by simply pulling the cord – to transfer the casualty’s weight from
their existing lanyard to the rescue kit. The deployed lanyard can then be removed and the casualty
guided to safety.

The colour coded system allows for quick deployment by the rescuer, depending on which method is
most appropriate for the circumstances e.g.

No Shock Rescue System How To

No Shock 
Can be used by all work at height industry sectors where there is a risk of being suspended in a harness. Allows for deployment over longer distances where rope stretch may become an issue and has additional edge protection and deviation connector

  •  Accompanied descent rescues (abseil rescues)
  • Lift & Lower rescues
  • Rope Access rescues


No Shock Tower/Mast
Mainly suited to tower and mast climbers but caters for similar vertical fall arrest access systems e.g. fixed ladder access, scaffolding

  • Accompanied descent rescues (abseil rescues)
  • Lift & Lower rescues


No Shock Monopole (Wire Rope Grab Incl.)
Mainly suited to telecoms industry, specifically those working on monopoles with vertical fixed fall arrest systems

  • Accompanied descent rescues (abseil rescues)
  •  Lift & Lower rescues

This equipment should be used as a last resort when operatives are suspended in a harness having fallen or become incapacitated on a structure. Given the remote likelihood that a situation will occur that causes the operator to use the rescue kit it is essential that personnel are fully trained in the use of this specific model/type of No Shock Rescue Equipment by an instructor certified to instruct on this specific model/type. If in doubt contact the manufacturer or supplier for further advice.

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