Telecoms Climber Course (New Starters)

Course Information
  • 5 days
  • 6:1
  • Stafford
  • £968 per person

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Course Information
  • 5 days
  • 6:1
  • Stafford
  • £968 per person

  • Course Aim:

    To provide delegates with the knowledge and practical experience to enable them to access Arqiva/MATS sites. This will include MATS accredited Basic Tower Climber and Rescue, MATS accredited Rooftop Safety, Radio Frequency Awareness and First Aid.

Further Information:

Personal Protective Equipment – inspection, use and care
Access ways – protected & unprotected
Climbing techniques in exposed locations
Fall arrest systems (including Temporary fall arrest systems)
Risk assessments
Hazards when climbing & emergency procedures.
Tower rescue kits
Anchor point selection
Self rescue
Rescue off an access way
Rescue from lanyards
Casualty care
Suspension Trauma
No Shock Rescue Kits (optional)
Rooftop hazards and control measures
Safe use of ladders (fixed & portable)
Edge protection
Work restraint systems
Basic understanding of RF energy definition
What is non-ionisation radio frequency radiation
What radio frequency non-ionisation is not
Effects on the human body
Procedures to take if exposure is suspected
Exposures to RF - Hazard areas and signage
Instrument Operation & Scaling 

First Aid at Height 

Basic Tower Climber and Rescue is MATS accredited


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