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Telecoms Climber Course (New Starters)

Telecoms Climber Course (New Starters)

Course aim

To provide delegates with the knowledge and practical experience to enable them to climb the structure using protected and
unprotected access ways and to work safely in a variety of exposed locations. Also to provide practical knowledge and
experience to enable them to rescue a fellow climber, suspended by a fall arrest lanyard or system, from a tower, mast or pylon
using authorised techniques.

Course content

• Legislation for Working at Height.
• Risk Assessment Awareness
• PPE – pre use checks and fitting (Harness, helmet, fall arrest and positioning lanyards)
• Access ways – protected & unprotected
• Anchor point selection
• Fall arrest lanyard climbing
• Work positioning
• Climbing techniques in exposed locations
• Fixed fall arrest systems
• Temporary fall arrest systems (Fall arrest lines, horizontal anchor systems and retractable blocks)
• Appropriate use of knots
• Emergency procedures
• No Shock Tower rescue kit content awareness
• Self-rescue
• Concious casualty lowering
• Abseil Lift and Lower Rescue (No Shock)
• Abseil Cut Rescue
• Casualty care
• Suspension Syncope theory
• Theory and Practical Assessments
The course will involve elements of classroom and practical tuition. Emphasis will, at all times, be on practical climbing under the safe supervision of an instructor.

Aimed at

Delegates that are required to climb on all areas of towers & masts, on MATS operated sites, for construction or maintenance purposes. Examples include: Telecoms climbers and Structural inspectors/surveyors.

  • Classroom & Practical Training
    This course contains multiple parts:

    MATS Basic Tower Climber And Rescue

    Passport Rooftop

    Radio Frequency Awareness

    First Aid at Height
  • Eccleshall (Staffordshire)
  • 3 days
  • 6:1
  • 1 year certification
  • £1000 per person