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Confined Space High Risk

Confined Space High Risk

Course Aim:

To provide delegates with the knowledge and practical experience to enable them to work safely in a high risk confined space.

Course Content

  • Definition of a confined space
  • Specified risks
  • Duties under the regulations, preventing the need for entry
  • Risk assessment and hazard identification
  • Atmospheric hazards and gases
  • Principles and use of gas monitors
  • Safe systems of work and permits to work
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Communication
  • Inspection and application of tripods, winches and fall protection equipment
  • Inspection and use of breathing apparatus. (emergency breathing apperatus & self contained breathing aperatus
  • Practical exercises and assessment


Assessment: Practical observation and short answer question paper

Aimed At

This course is designed for individuals that work in spaces classed as high risk and below. This could be a confined space that has a specified risk that will be present whilst the work is being carried out and other risk associated with high risk confined spaces.

  • Classroom & Practical Training
  • Bracknell
    Client Site
    Eccleshall (Staffordshire)
    Linlithgow (Edinburgh)
  • 3 days
  • 1:8
  • 3 years certification
  • Training Centre:
    £599 + vat per person
    £3550 + vat per course
    Client's Site:
    £4100 + vat per course
    Mobile Unit:
    £4664 + vat per course
    City & Guilds Reg Fee:
    £60 per person