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Guardrails Edge Protection Copy

Guardrails are designed to completely remove the risk of a fall from height.

They act as a physical barrier and mean workers do not need to be trained to use or inspect them, removing the need to wear personal fall protective equipment (FPE). The Working at Height Regulations 2005 state that collective systems, such as guardrails, must be given priority over personal protective systems wherever possible. Our range of guardrails comply with all relevant British and European standards.

Our free standing guardrails have been specifically designed to provide permanent edge protection where regular access for maintenance and inspections is required. Their design provides permanent edge protection without the need to mechanically fix the system through the roofing membrane or building’s structure.

A simple cantilever principle provides unrivalled strength, stability and safety. Correctly installed, there is no possibility of systems causing damage to the roof or subsequent leaks, as protective rubber pads are applied to all surfaces intended to be in contact with the roof.

Key Advantages

The product benefits of guardrails include:

  • Durable aluminium, corrosion-resistant construction
  • Lightweight—quick and easy installation 30% lighter than steel alternative
  • Fixed or freestanding options
  • Adaptable, modular easy-fix system
  • Fully weatherproof
  • Tested and certified in accordance to EN 13374 and EN 14122-3
  • Fixed options available at a range of different heights to meet your needs.
    Note: recommended height for guardrails is 1100mm
Fall Protection

There are various types of guardrails available dependant on the type of installation required, eg:

  • Topfix Guardrails

    Available for a range of roof materials and are designed so that access from underneath is not required

  • Fixed Guardrails

    Can be used for fixing to parapet walls

  • Freestanding Guardrails

    Available in different styles and finishes dependent on requirement

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